We Bridge The Gap

In many organizations there is a disconnect between Human Resources and the Operations of the businesses.

One hand doesn't know what the other one is doing, but it goes deeper. Often they don't even know what the other hand does or how their strategies and goals are aligned.

This gap results in lost opportunities, increased expenses, inefficiencies and downtime, 

For over twenty years Michael Goldberg has helped leading organizations "Bridge the Gap" between talent acquisition and the business operations to achieve tangible results.

Respected as one of the leading minds in HR and Talent Acquisition for over twenty years, Michael Goldberg has transformed multibillion dollar organizations including The American Heart Association, The Freeman Company, BDO, Insight and more into high performing companies whose HR teams and operational units are aligned and work  efficiently together as true partners so the business can achieve the necessary results. 

Michael has taken his track record of success and industry knowledge to create a group of services for companies like yours. 

How Recruiting Bridges Transforms Your Company

Training & Education

Working 1:1 with your HR and Talent Teams AND your Executives. Based upon Recruiting Bridges proven frameworks and best practices, each training is tailored for each companies unique situation.

Strategy Development

Evaluating existing processes, tools and teams and combining the them with best practices and creative strategies to achieve your business goals.

Accountability & Execution

Working hand in hand with your team and executives to hold each other accountable to a new higher standard to achieve true and tangible ROI from HR and Talent Acquisition.

A Tailored Partnership

Based upon a proven framework and 20+ year track record of success, Recruiting Bridges services are custom and tailored for each organization. 

Companies of all sizes and industries partner with Recruiting Bridges by engaging us for 6 months at a time to create custom training, strategies and even assist in executing those strategies if needed.

Our services are performed on site and virtually. 

How Recruiting Bridges Works

Bridge Building Assessment

Recruiting Bridges will review your recruiting processes, recruiting tools resources, meet with your hiring managers and executives, then provide solutions where needed that fit your organization's structure. 

Strategy & Action Plan

Based upon the assessment Michael will provide a suggested course of action and strategy that can involve training for your TA team and executives, creating metrics ad KPI's, Marketing & Branding campaigns and more.  

Training & Education

Two of the key's to bridging the gap between HR and the operations are education and understanding. This is done through training.
Every organization's needs are different, but some common themes that arise include :

  • Parterning & Communicating with  Hiring Managers To Understand Their Business Goals Beyond Filling The Role.
  • Sourcing & Building Talent Pools, Pipelines & Benches to Reduce Tome to Fill.
  • Proactively Marketing Your Positions Versus Copying & Pasting Job Descriptions
  • Enhancing the candidate experience 
  • Best Practices in Talent Acquisition Process, Technology, and Organization Design
  • Candidate Experience & Internal Stakeholder Satisfaction
  • Employment Brand Messaging & Value Proposition
  • Metrics & Reporting Capabilities

About Michael Goldberg

With over twenty years at the highest levels of HR and Talent Acquisition, Michael Goldberg is considered an industry leader, frequently engaged to work with leading companies and speak at industry events and conferences.

In his roles as National Director of Talent Acquisition for The American Heart Association, The Freeman Companies and leadership roles with BBDO and others, Michael has led team, created and executed starteies and developed best practices and processes that have made these companies among the top when people think of talent acquisition programs. 

At the core of Michael's work is his belief that HR and business should work as true partners to drive the business and that comes from understanding.

"HR and Talent should understand the Business Unit's goals beyond filling the job and to demonstrate true ROI on it's efforts." - Michael Goldberg


"Michael demonstrates solid leadership managing all business lifecycles aligned with the company’s overall goals & success." - Cindy Dale, American Heart Association 

"Michael wants to make talent management a true partner in an organization! I had a chance to work with Michael to help us go from a very re-active recruiting approach to a pro- active!"  - Anna Grizzafi - Hilton Hotels

"Results - that's what Michael delivers." - Greg Colandrea, CIO, YPO Young President Organization

Let's Start Bridging The Gap

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